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Modern Crystallizers and Their Uses

ALAQUA of Guttenberg, New Jersey, makes and installs crystallizers to the most precise and detailed standards. Let us demonstrate how crystallizers will change your production processes.

Crystallizer Equipment

The Purpose of Crystallizers

Crystallizers are used to concentrate feed into solid crystals and clean water. Crystallization is a solid-liquid separation technique in which solid crystals are formed from a liquid solution. Crystallizers can eliminate liquid wastes to create zero liquid discharge (ZLD). Crystallization is divided into two stages, primary nucleation and secondary nucleation.

Primary nucleation involves the growth of new crystals. Secondary nucleation grows crystals and is the main stage that causes the mass production of crystals. There are evaporative crystallization processes and cooling crystallization processes.

We possess the know-how and expertise for all types of crystallization equipment with total or partial classification, involving the recirculation of the magma with or without settling zones.

We supply:

• Forced Circulation Crystallizers
• Evaporative Crystallizers
• Oslo Type Growth Crystallizers (Classified-Suspension Crystallizer) • Cooling Crystallizers
• Vacuum Crystallizers