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Advanced Evaporation Process Technology

ALAQUA of Guttenberg, New Jersey, offers the latest evaporation process technology for a wide variety of applications. We install equipment and train your staff on proper use and maintenance.

Evaporation Process Principles

Evaporation is an operation used to remove a liquid from a solution, suspension, or emulsion by boiling off some of the liquid. It is thus a thermal separation or thermal concentration process. We define the evaporation process as one that starts with a liquid product and ends up with a thicker, but still liquid and pumpable, concentrate as the main product from the process.

There are actually a few instances where the evaporated, volatile component is the main product, but we will not discuss that here. In most cases, it is essential that the product is subject to no thermal degradation during the evaporation process, requiring that temperature and time exposure be minimized. This and other requirements brought on by the physical characteristics of the processed product have resulted in the development of a large range of different evaporator types.

Additional demands for energy efficiency and minimized environmental impact have driven development toward very innovative plant configurations and equipment design. Our technology is supported by several test and development facilities, where the technology is being continually refined, improved, and applied to new products.

At ALAQUA, we supply:

• Falling Film Evaporators
• Skid Mounted Evaporators
• Thin Film Evaporators
• Evaporative Crystallizers
• Forced Circulation Evaporators
• Thermal and Mechanical Vapor Recompression Units (TVR & MVR)
• Vacuum Evaporators
• Cooling Crystallizers
• Plate Evaporators
• Wiped Film Evaporators
• Multiple Effect Distillation Evaporators
• Thermally Accelerated Falling Film Evaporators